Comms8 Shortlisted for UK Agency Award

How do we feel about being shortlisted?

Entering the UK Agency Award is an impressive moment for us. It is the second time we have been shortlisted for the UK Agency Award. In 2022, we were shortlisted for the UK Agency Award for 2022 Best Local Campaign. This year, we are proud to announce that Comms8 has been shortlisted for Best Event in the 2023 UK Agency Award for Genshin Impact Global Activation Project.

About Comms8

With offices spanning over UK, China, and Hong Kong, our unparalleled team comprises trilingual native Mandarin and Cantonese speakers who possess an intimate understanding of diverse markets, media spheres, and global consumer insights. At Comms8, we craft purpose-driven brands that leave an enduring imprint on businesses and society.

Elevating beyond profit-making, we are the transformative force that leads the way in reshaping the marketing landscape. Our bedrock is built upon unwavering integrity and a commitment to purposeful endeavours. We proudly collaborate with partners who share our ethos and vision. Tailored to perfection, our bespoke B2B and B2C marketing solutions seamlessly merge digital marketing, SEM, social media, and PR, all designed to deliver exceptional ROI.

Among our remarkable portfolio of clients are industry giants like Schneider Electrics, Montblanc, AVEVA, NHS, and Nestle. Over the next year, we aim to revolutionize influencer and digital marketing through cutting-edge technological platforms.

Our ingenuity is also encapsulated in our award-nominated masterpiece – Genshin Impact. A gaming sensation from Asian developer Mihoyo, boasting an astonishing 65 million active global users, aspired to enter into the European GenZ market.

About award-nominated work and clients’ testimonials

Boardmasters Festival was turned into a summer-themed gaming odyssey under our creative campaign. A pioneering co-branded performance, a fusion of virtual and reality, and mouthwatering in-game-themed delicacies all became part of the experience. We secured a 30-minute on-stage performance for the Boardmasters Festival. Our presence attracted 238,500 offline attendees in just five days!

The captivating Waypoint campaign took players on a treasure hunt across London’s iconic landmarks. A colossal Genshin Impact character embarked on a Thames voyage and took over the London Water Station with a waypoint model and motion billboards. The campaign dazzled with its offline marketing prowess, garnering even more impressions than initially expected. Social media platforms buzzed with excitement, with 55 related TikTok posts.

Paimon Endless Journey celebrated Genshin Impact’s 2nd anniversary in a grand way. A giant Paimon cruised over the River Thames, and invited fans to join in the festivities. Over 7,000 attendees attended our event, and our hashtags trended across social media platforms, attracting over 1.5 billion impressions. At the offline event alone, over 5,000 fans were reached, with more than 300 related posts.

Our clients praised our pivotal role in bringing the campaigns to life, from inception to execution. The 2nd Anniversary activation stands as a testament to our ability to boost awareness, spark engagement, and foster global-scale user-generated content. This campaign is more than just a triumph; it is a milestone to witness our ingenuity, creativity, and adaptability. Our journey with Genshin Impact showcases the heart of Comms8’s accomplishments.

Being recognised amongst the UK’s top agencies is an honour, and we are grateful to our dedicated team and our inspiring clients for making this possible. Also, a great thanks to the UK Agency Awards for the recognition! We will keep our momentum in delivering the outstanding events that make a genuine impact.

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