GingerMay – Winner for Integrated Agency of the Year

Since our foundation over a decade ago, we have prided ourselves on delivering integrated PR and comms strategies to clients who are at the cutting edge of their industries, helping them to navigate the ever-shifting media landscape and bringing their groundbreaking tech to a wider audience.  

But with the effects of global heating becoming increasingly evident, we feel passionately at GingerMay that it is no longer enough to solely succeed in your field – every brand must make a positive impact on their carbon emissions. Last year we drove ourselves more than ever to keep delivering high levels of service, while also ensuring GingerMay became greener and more sustainable. 

Balancing these goals is far from straightforward. So when we were honoured at this year’s UK Agency Awards with Integrated Agency of the Year, it was a true achievement – a recognition of the endless creativity, passion and effort that the whole company has given over the past 12 months. 

We had three ambitions for 2022.  

  • The first was to become 100% carbon neutral, an ambitious goal. While we’ve been making more environmentally-friendly decisions for a number of years, achieving full carbon neutrality and creating a more sustainable business was a tough target. 
  • Secondly, we wanted to improve our already-high net promoter score (NPS). As most of our clients hear of us via word-of-mouth, improving this metric is vital to growing our business. We were also looking to expand our growing roster of cleantech clients, and so an even higher NPS score, alongside our sustainability efforts, was key in achieving this. 
  • Finally, we wanted to improve our client satisfaction score to show how we are continually striving for greatness while also growing our understanding of clients’ businesses and specific challenges. 

Achieving these meant not only going above and beyond for existing clients – some of which had been with us for a decade – but also thinking outside the box to drive creative strategies across all channels. This was exemplified by our work aiding an innovative climate start-up to generate awareness for its crowdfund campaign. Our highly targeted content combined with senior leadership profiling helped to grow awareness of this transformative solution. The client not only reached its £1 million investment goal, but surpassed it, kickstarting a new phase in its evolution. 

We achieved similar success with a clean energy client to raise their profile outside of their native country to become a leading voice in their sector in less than a year. We did this by understanding their business and tech on a granular level and targeting high-tier publications and journalists that would understand their mission. 

As an agency, we have always been data driven. Measuring success is not only important to us but to our clients as well – our client survey found that almost 100% of clients considered our reporting metrics useful. We saw an 18 point increase in our NPS compared to last year to bring it into one of the top 1% NPS scores seen in businesses around the world. We also achieved our goal of increasing our average client satisfaction score. But most impressively, despite double-digit inflation, we were able to achieve a strong increase in annual revenue. 

None of these goals could be possible without our team – that is really who this award win is dedicated to. We constantly strive to ensure they have the support and space to not only succeed in their roles, but grow as well. With 91% of PR professionals struggling with mental wellbeing, we are acutely aware of the pressures and stresses of the industry. Our Mental Health First Aiders and Flexible DNA working policy ensure our team has the systems in place to work most effectively. 

All these elements have been underpinned by our commitment to creating a greener way of working. By the end of 2022 we were able to achieve our goal of becoming 100% carbon neutral – but perhaps more importantly, by educating our team and clients to ensure they are aware of their own impact in the world. We also made significant progress in our B Corp application, achieving ‘verification’ stage by the end of 2022 before gaining full B Corp status in summer 2023. 

Receiving ‘Integrated Agency of the Year’ has helped to bring into focus our latest achievements. We are so grateful to the panel of industry experts for recognising the hard work, creativity and care we have put into transforming the business of our clients, creating the environment for our staff to flourish, and making our operations better for the planet. 

We’re over the moon to be named Integrated Agency of the Year. It reflects the high-quality nature of our client campaigns, but also recognises our ongoing commitment to do better, and be better as a business, as we strive to meet high benchmarks for social and environmental responsibility, exemplified by our carbon neutral status. 

If you’d like to hear more about GingerMay, get in contact or follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram. 

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