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HDY makes finalist list for the UK Agency Awards 2022

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 03.08.2022

We’re over the moon to announce that we have been shortlisted in all four categories entered in this year’s UK Agency Awards.

This prestigious event recognises exceptional and innovative agencies, both small and large, across all verticals. The awards were launched in 2015 and now include 37 categories, ranging from PPC, SEO, marketing, PR, social media and not-for-profit and e-commerce, all the way to B2C, B2B, media buying and UX.

What have we entered?

This year we selected four categories where we feel we’ve strutted our stuff and created some amazing solutions, and delivered even more amazing work.

We’re up for the following categories including: digital, large agency, independent agency and best non-profit campaign. In these categories, we’ve pulled out some of the stand-out campaigns we’ve worked on where we excelled in all of those disciplines.

Why do we think we’re award winners?

Events hospitality company Sodexo Live! has given us brief after brief as we help to build their brand and help them to become the UK’s best events and hospitality company. From creating a visual identity to delivering multi-platform and multi-channel assets, our rap sheet with them alone is worthy of recognition!

However, it’s the whole-team approach, unique value proposition and some exciting numbers not only for Sodexo Live!, but for our other projects and campaigns too, that have led to us submitting HDY Agency and our work for recognition.

Just look at the innovative approaches taken with our clients V12VF Drive and Bronnley, helping them to pivot during the pandemic or get time with an audience that would rather be doing something else – tough briefs that we turned into extremely successful campaigns with tons of interaction, mentions, and ultimately, conversions.

And realistically, it’s down to amazing people who have the freedom to trailblaze in their roles, which is what makes a great agency, right?

We also want to recognise how well our growing team has performed and the innovative and unique approach we believe makes us stand out. It’s about delivering something the client believes in, rather than what we think is best.

A campaign to remember

As well as entering categories for the agency as a whole, we really wanted to share one of the projects we’re most proud of in the best non-profit campaign category. Hands Against Hatred is a campaign that arose off the back off a story we heard, about a same-sex couple who were attacked – because they were holding hands in public.

As proud LGBTQ+ advocates and supporters, we jumped into action and used our expertise, our candidates and plenty of passion to develop a completely pro-bono campaign, free from agendas or HDY logos: Just a desire to drive awareness and support something we all love being part of.

Fast forward and we have a bulletproof campaign that was seen by 24 million people and mentioned extensively across social media in the city. The work, worth £50,000, was something that felt very natural and didn’t suffer from the time or budget constraints that charitable or pro bono work can suffer from. And for that, we’re even prouder.

So what’s next?

Well, the UK Agency Awards are happening on 22 September, so come along and support us! You can also check the results after the event and hopefully catch some of the action on our social media.

Other than that, take a look at the other work we’re proud of across the rest of the website and of course check out Hand Against Hatred.

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