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How 3 Sided Cube’s amazing culture has brought them to become finalists

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Published Date 10.08.2022

About 3 Sided Cube

We build digital platforms with global organisations and movements to make change happen.

At 3 Sided Cube we see just how powerful technology is, but it’s agnostic. It doesn’t choose to be used for good or bad. That’s what makes our work so important. We make that choice with every single one of our projects, to yield the immense power of technology for good and only put digital products out in the world that are going to help or better it.

We champion and advocate all things tech for good because we are on a mission to use technology to change millions of lives for the better. Since our ambitious beginning in 2009, we have put social impact at the heart and soul of everything we do. Reaching communities in over 87 countries, and 100+ million global downloads.

As a team, we are united in developing the best possible technology solutions to solve a comprehensive scope of global problems; such as the fight against natural disasters, combating deforestation, creating solutions to overcome the shortage of blood donation, and helping to reduce the impact of plastic pollution.

We exclusively work with clients and organisations that mirror our tech for good values and lend our expertise in producing apps and platforms that genuinely make a difference to millions of lives. A few incredible organisations that we have been thrilled to partner with are, American Red Cross, Lush, UN and Global Commons Alliance.

Why we entered for ‘Best Agency Culture’

3 Sided Cube’s mentality is that in order to do great things, you need great people – and more importantly you need those people to be happy. Our people and culture are baked into the very core of the agency. We aren’t going to be successful building tech for good if that goodness doesn’t touch our Cubies. So Management pulls out all the stops to ensure our entire team are happy and looked after.

Our Culture is a vital component of what we do and who we are. It’s our thought that we can’t build World First, disruptive technology without a ridiculously talented and happy team behind us!

Some of our culture initiatives:

Innovation Time: Every team member gets 15% of their scheduled time to purely focus on their passion projects and innovation. In the past, these projects have included an object/speech recognition app, a mobile AR game and even getting the agency on the metaverse!

Flexi-Working: At the agency we have flexible working. Meaning that the entire team can work from wherever they prefer with no required office day. Everyone has metrics they are expected to hit, so as long as they are doing that and getting the job done, hours spent online aren’t monitored. If the pandemic showed us one thing, it’s that a better work/life balance is tenable when you trust your people to do their job on their own terms.

Training budget: Every Cube is allocated a £1,000 budget yearly to use on their professional development. Whether it be a course or certificate program, each individual has autonomy to choose how they want to allocate their development budget.

Volunteering: Almost since our beginnings, we have offered a volunteering program. Each person can use 3 days annually to offer their time for a great cause. We have volunteered at a children’s hospital, built a local parK and spent countless hours mentoring the future techies of tomorrow!

Cube Academy: Is our version of Google College. It is a real world way for students in University to avoid the dreaded “we need more experience” rejection and our own staff to flex their mentoring and management muscles by having Cube Academy individuals on their team. It’s about working with the most talented individuals building real-world digital products that people use.

Mental Health: A healthy Cube is a happy Cube. Body AND mind. Because of that we have a mental health initiative that covers 10 therapy sessions with a licensed Therapist on retainer, or the agency will subsidise payment to another Therapist of the individuals choosing.

“Offering counselling as a benefit is not new, or rocket science, but it’s important to me that our team know that it’s ok to not be ok and that as their employer, we actively want to support them. We do lots around wellbeing and physical health already at Cube, but as we grow, prioritising our mind health and looking out for each other has got to be the no.1 focus for us all.”

Richard Strachan, CEO, 3 Sided Cube

Cycle to work scheme: We can’t work every day building tech to combat climate change without backing it up at HQ too.

On being shortlisted

We are absolutely thrilled to not only be recognised for our kick-arse culture, but also shortlisted for something that is very important to all of us at the agency!

It’s easy to look at the agency and all the shiny, wonderful pieces of great tech we are putting out in the world and have a positive impression of us. But the real heart and soul of the agency isn’t the mission, it’s the people. From initiatives in place for employees to enjoy or develop from, to every single ridiculously talented team member, there is not one single part of the agency that our culture does not touch or enhance.

It all started with our Founder, a guy working a crappy job that wanted something better, so he went out there and built it. And since day dot he has put immense thought and care to the kind of workplace he wanted to foster. That has evolved and elevated since those early days, and is so intrinsically baked into the agency that I couldn’t even tell you the source of it.

It’s our hope that a positive office culture will be the norm in every workplace. We’re in an exciting time where the status quo is being challenged on what “good” looks like. Our Culture is a priority and constantly evolving to best support all the Cubies to thrive.

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