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Adsmith Digital’s Guide To Being Shortlisted

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Published Date 23.08.2022

Step 1: Set Up An Agency & Find The Perfect Team

Setting up an agency is one thing, but finding the right team members is another. Luckily for us at Adsmith Digital, we know a thing or two about finding the right people. Sure, we might be a team of only 7, (just enough for a water polo team if you will), but we all bring our unique personalities and our strengths to the table. Adsmith Digital started as a tiny workplace of two brothers, and over the years we’ve curated one of the best teams in PPC Marketing (yes, we’re biased). We guide and support our team with meticulous and invaluable training across a range of Paid Media platforms: Google, Meta & Microsoft, to name a few. This enables them to have the skills to work with clients from any, and every, sector – you name it, we cover it.

In the lucky event one of us switches our “Out of Office” reply to enabled and jets off on our holidays, the rest of the team all pitch in and share the workload, keeping workmates and clients content. Truly, our teamwork ethic is exceptional – we share our learnings and knowledge, tackle client challenges together and combine our successes. We all know the phrase “work hard, play hard”, and that is something that is ingrained into our Adsmith culture. Once we’re finished tapping away at our keyboards or relearning Analytics all over again (thanks GA4!), we’re often found in a local pub, soaking up a glimpse of sunshine over a post-work pint. Simply, a happy team is one that is valued and supported.

Step 2: Create Killer Campaigns

Whilst we can squeeze the entire team into a photo booth after a couple of beers (the photos are quite something), we are also pretty talented when it comes to our jobs too. So when award-winning online alcohol retailer, Slurp, got in touch to see how we could help them promote their attractive weekly offers, we started our research right away. The online wine market is incredibly competitive with the best offer products getting the sales. We knew we could get the purchases, but maximising revenue wasn’t going to be straightforward.

We utilised Google’s divisive Performance Max campaign type combined with a complex script that identified the qualifying products each week. Since we didn’t have to manually include the products on a weekly basis, we had a lot more time on our hands to work on making it a success…

Spoiler alert- the campaign was incredibly successful! Our innovative approach & excellent creatives meant we were able to push the campaign and achieve exceptional results – better conversion rate, and higher average order value to name a couple. Our campaign is not only the biggest campaign in the account but also one of the highest performing (and fingers crossed, award-winning!)

But our campaign success certainly doesn’t start nor stop there. We’re shortlisted twice for Best PPC Campaign! Working with luxury shoe retailer Sargasso & Grey, we noticed some of their products were just not performing up to scratch, overspending with a less than satisfactory ROI. Using our wealth of knowledge, combined with our curiosity to take Google’s Performance Max out for another spin, we created a poor-performing product Performance Max campaign. With some Adsmith magic, we turned poor-performing products into well-performing products, with a big boost in ROI! We really did put our best foot forward- pardon the pun- and now our client is delighted that we kept to budget and managed to surpass the ROI target.

Step 3: Gain Recognition

With the magic combination of an outstanding team and some killer campaigns, we were overjoyed to receive recognition from the UK Agency Awards. Sure, we knew our work was great considering the glowing reviews from our lovely clients (not to mention our desirable client retention rate!) – but to be shortlisted for all three of our entries is like earning the elusive Paul Hollywood handshake. We feel honoured to be shortlisted twice in the category ‘Best PPC Campaign’ and also for ‘Best PPC Agency’ and look forward to the unmissable event later this year. 

And that’s how you get shortlisted for UK Agency Awards. If you are having trouble completing any of the above steps, we recommend leaving it to the masters: Adsmith Digital *mic drop*.

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