3THINKRS shortlisted for Best New Agency

3THINKRS ® is a B2B PR & Marketing Agency that searches for the unique perspectives that create headlines, change perceptions and spark debates. We are equally passionate about unearthing the unique flair of individuals within our team. To enable them to work at their peak.

We purposefully didn’t take investment or set fiscal targets for our first year. Our focus was on building the team and delivering great client work. The freedom of no fiscal targets allowed us to grow our own way. It enabled us to focus on the briefs that suited us and turn down those that didn’t. As a result, our revenue hit £90,000 p/m three months after launch. This prompted us to turn down new business for the remainder of the year, as we focused on client service.

‘Thinkrs and Inkrs’ Academy

One of our founding principles was to help address the mid-level talent crisis in our industry by openly welcoming other agency teams into our training academy.  It led us to create the ‘Thinkrs and Inkrs’ Academy, the first industry-open training academy where 80 individuals trained from 37 different agencies and in-house teams – free of charge.

Our programme will be reopening in October 2022 for anyone in or looking to get into the communications industry. It’s a collaborative training effort, driven by 3THINKRS and Friends – our consultants, our clients, our partners, and other agencies. It is our mission to offer collaborative training so the next generation of communicators can experience diverse training across the communications mix.

Work to Our Own Rhythm  

Creating a wellbeing first culture that enables people to work to their own rhythm is core to our culture. It’s designed to help us eradicate the high stress and burnout rates that permeate our industry and lead to hostile working environments.

We created our ‘Work Your Own Way’ policy. This allows working patterns to be designed around individuals, allowing each member of the team to find their stride and their uniqueness. It also embraces the people that can be discriminated against for their personality type, family choice or chosen location. We also work with wellbeing consultants, WorkAthlete, to help us devise a wellbeing strategy that helps us reach our peak work performance, whilst reducing stress levels.

Pop-Up for Creativity

We believe time out is as valuable as time in, that medals are won when energy is high. We work hard together but also take time out when we need. We’ve formalised our time out policies to help protect employees, to make it okay to not be okay. Our ‘morning after’ and ‘early doors’ policies shorten the workday when the day just needs to be that little bit shorter.

“People first” also saw a nomadic pop-up working culture thrive with the team working and playing in Amsterdam, Madrid, Paris, London, Rome, Oslo, Tallinn and Manchester – as featured in the Financial Times. We believe that experiencing new things ignites creativity.

3THINKRS can be found on LinkedIn, Instagram + Twitter.

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