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Published Date 20.09.2022


We’re a 35 strong, multi award-winning team of creatives, media whizzes, account managers and strategists. Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, we are a full-service agency, dedicated to providing award-winning work for our clients. We are privileged to work with some of the leading private and public sector organisations in Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Great Britain.

There are lots of companies that do advertising, design, digital and consulting. But to do it well every time, and over time, you need good thinking. This philosophy involves recruiting good thinkers and investing in their training in development. It involves collaboration at every level, and places a huge emphasis on strategy, so that ideas and creative outputs are thoroughly researched and set up to succeed.

And succeed, we have. Not only has our ‘good thinking’ approach resulted in happy clients, who trust us to deliver smart, creative and effective work for their markets at home and across the globe, but it has earned us a few UK Agency Award nominations.


We have received not one, not two, but SIX nominations for the UK Agency Awards 2022 and we couldn’t be happier about it. Amongst the most prestigious accolades in the Agency calendar, The Agency Awards recognise and reward exceptional work across the UK.

Of course, winning awards isn’t the be all and end all, but it sure is one of the most accurate measurements of campaign success – with countless research studies claiming that creative awards tend to equal commercial effectiveness. Plus, what client is not going to be thrilled by an award nomination? It’s as much of a gratifying victory for our clients as it is us.


First up, our work with Public Health Agency Northern Ireland on the ‘Organ Donation Awareness campaign’ is nominated for ‘Best Local Campaign’ and ‘Best Social Media Campaign.’ For this campaign, we used personal testimonials, knowing from experience and research that this style would be hugely emotive and impactful, and encourage people to follow Organ Donation NI and ultimately sign the Organ Donation Register.

Next up, we’re delighted that our work on the ‘Census 2021 Campaign’ in partnership with NI Research & Statistics, is up for a whopping three awards, namely ‘Best Local Campaign,’ ‘Campaign Effectiveness Award’ and ‘Best Integrated Campaign.’ With the survey only coming around once every 10 years, this campaign presented a unique opportunity for Genesis to be involved in creating an up-to-date picture of life in Northern Ireland. To reach every household in NI, the campaign had to have huge reach, frequency, cut-through and a motivating message. By positioning the people and services affected by the census as ‘heroes,’ this campaign appealed to a sense of both personal and public duty.

Last but not least, our ‘COVID-19 mass vaccination campaign’ created in collaboration with Public Health Agency Northern Ireland is nominated for the ‘Best Integrated Campaign’ award. Faced with a set of totally new challenges (social distancing, remote filming and uber-urgent deadlines, to name a few) our team was honoured to pull together and put in the long hours to help Department of Health NI roll-out a vital coronavirus information campaign.

Congratulations to our fellow nominees, and our fingers and toes are crossed for the awards ceremony on 22nd September.

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