Why Enter

The UK Agency Awards are accolades that celebrate outstanding work. Judged by industry experts, leading personalities in the agency business who know what it takes to create original campaigns, produce innovative software and technology and what makes a successful team. Our Awards are not a popularity contest, they are industry-respected and client-trusted.

Marketing opportunities begin from the moment you submit your entry – press releases, blogs, social media announcements, connection with other nominees and use of the official logo can be utilised with great effect, and if you shortlist or win you can do it all again with a new and improved badge of honour.

Top 10 reasons for entering The UK Agency Awards

  • Cost-effective marketing from the moment you enter to the moment you win
  • Recognition and reward from industry peers and experts
  • Awards attract new business and new talent and indicate trust
  • Awards prove your ability and authenticate your brilliance
  • Awards are for everyone, no matter how big or small, winning is about creativity, innovation and ROI
  • Healthy competition is good for motivation
  • Recognition and celebration of the people who do the work
  • The award writing process provides an opportunity for reflection and benchmarking
  • Events are an opportunity for fun and frivolity, team bonding and an all-around good time, even when they are virtual
  • Judges’ feedback post-event will help improve performance